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2015 compilation of songs by member of the Disarm the Settlers message board (plus one honorary member). Here's the vinyl-style tracklist:

Side A:
1. Cosmic Afterthoughts - "Agent Smiley"
2. Ian Craig - "Accelerator"
3. Century Club - "The Majestic"
4. Lyvsylvyn - "The Hangman"
5. Little Dave Merriman - "I'm Going Up Again"
6. Bob Solo - "To All My Friends"

Total Time: 14:07

Side B:
1. Trans Charger Metropolis - "A Less Dense Dimension"
2. Bloomshock - "Mildly Astonished"
3. Joseph Airport - "Alcoholics Make the World Go Round"
4. The Bugeyed Sprites - "The Price of a Plane Ticket"
5. Windowless Masturbation Cells - "New Concord Pest Control"

Total Time: 15:02

Side C:
1. Broadfield Marchers - "All the Ones You Called"
2. Mythical Motors - "A Fractured Replica"
3. My Stoner Friend Dave - "You Shouldn't Listen To Me"
4. Dave Parent - "Propeller"
5. Dirtman - "Spirit Spout"

Total Time: 13:38

Side D:
1. Dry Body - "Falling"
2. Grady - "Columbia"
3. Crusher - "I Ruined Your Demo"
4. The Mouth Harp Line - "You Know"
5. Tobin Sprout - "The Alphabetically Insane"

Total Time: 14:55


released February 18, 2015

Sequence by maximum jack.
Cover by crunch, with help by sashwap and DTS

Thanks to deli365, pianistman and all other contributors for the inspiration and encouragement. And special thanks to Tobin Sprout!

Thanks to DTS, Rockathon, and the GBV family for being awesome.

DTS username/Bandname
1. mcspunkle (Cosmic Afterthoughts) - cosmicafterthoughts.bandcamp.com
2. pianistman (Ian Craig) - iancraig.bandcamp.com
3. Sonic Reducer (Century Club) - centuryclub.bandcamp.com
4. Joe (Lyvsylvyn) - icedragon.bandcamp.com
5. Little Dave (Little Dave Merriman) - hewhocorruptsinc.bandcamp.com/album/odd-bird
6. dogboy (Bob Solo) - bobsolo.bandcamp.com
7. nerc_twin (Trans Charger Metropolis) - transchargermetropolis.bandcamp.com
8. Superwhore (Bloomshock) - bloomshock.bandcamp.com
9. Cutter XXIII, Ex-Supermodel, & greenface (Joseph Airport) - josephairport.bandcamp.com
10. joyager (The Bugeyed Sprites)
11. 33sherman (Windowless Masturbation Cells)
12. THE ZOBES (Broadfield Marchers) - soundcloud.com/broadfield-marchers
13. Twilight Campfighter (Mythical Motors) - mythicalmotors.bandcamp.com
14. UncleRico (My Stoner Friend Dave)
15. dave9199 (Dave Parent)
16. sashwap (Dirtman) - dirtman.bandcamp.com
17. Citizen Fighter (Dry Body)
18. Ultra Maroon Blazer (Grady)
19. frequent weaver (Crusher)
20. HeyHeySpaceman (The Mouth Harp Line) - soggy.bandcamp.com

Liner notes: The drunken, rambling, and perceptive thoughts of pianistman:
1. mcspunkle: I'm blown away with this opening. Great psych freakout. Very much like The Animated Egg if you've heard of them. Love it. The bass is insanely great.

2. That's me. :D Hope you guys dig.

3. Sonic Reducer: Wow. Seriously great. Love the harmonies! :rock: Would love to hear more. Your voice reminds of Jason Narducy; and I love his voice.

4. Joe: That 12 string is a nice touch. Same with the mellotronish flute. :rock:

5. Little Dave: This has a serious Maritime vibe to it; happy pop with a darker vibe, especially lyrically. The production on this is extremely full and nice. Damn. I like this one. A lot.

6. dogboy: I like the ethereal vocals. WE TOAST 'TIL WE DROP

7. nerc_twin: Like your other work, I love the sound of your recordings. This has a very distinct Bob influence, but I like your spin on it. The ending is my favorite part.

8. Superwhore: I was extremely impressed with the recordings you posted the other day, and I must say, I'm pretty damn blown away by your songs. You've always been open about your love of that 90s guitar-driven rock, and this is definitely a showing of that. Keep it up, man, because you're onto something here. The mid-song count down = :lol: but in a great way. I can tell you like Barlow.

9. Cutter XXIII, Ex-Supermodel, & greenface: What else is there to say? JOSEPH AIRPORT. Cut, your vocals are always on spot. Need more of those weird-ass harmonies all the time; they're great. Love the drumming, too; those ride hits in the first part of the song that almost interrupt the beat are super cool.

10. joyager: That slightly out-of-tune lead guitar lick at the beginning is addicting. Can't get it out of my head.

11. 33sherman: SHERM. Drum machine. I like. Definitely one of the weirder tracks on here, and it's needed. This is like the "Kensington Cradle" of this record. You have those high pitched vocals in the left ear that remind me of Brainiac. :rock:

12. ZOBES: Um, woah. Not expected. At all. This is delicate, intimate, and reminds me of R.E.M. A lot. The chord progression is truly great. Plus that vocal + feedbacky guitar lead at 1:10 is sublime.

13. Twilight Campfighter: Another great little power pop ditty. The vocals/melody are/is strange, but really charming. This one will get a lot of plays from me.

14. UncleRico: MY STONER FRIEND DAVE. Trippy-ass count off intro. Another out-of-nowhere tune; sounds like drugs. I guess that's why it describes the stoner friend. Dave.

15. dave9199: Propeller really is the perfect title and reference point, like Applehead said. Really feels like an anthemic basement jam, which would definitely describe the album it namechecks. I really like the sound of this one. A lot. Hope to hear more.

16. sashwap: DAN. The reason why this all came together! The true twee comes out here. The production is full and bright. I'm impressed beyond belief. Your voice fits the music perfectly. The rhythm/tempo change was totally unexpected but is becoming my favorite part on this record. Have you heard of Half-Handed Cloud? I feel like you would love his music based on this tune.

17. Citizen Fighter: Okay. So this came from 1994? Wow. This could've come out yesterday and I would not have doubted it at all. Whoever is singing on this is great. I like the sound, the song, the lyrics... so really everything.

18. UMB: Your voice is exactly what I would've imagined. But holy fucking shit, I love this song. Already played it many times. Has a serious American Music Club vibe to it. Unbelievably mesmerized by this track, and the harmonies especially. I certainly hope there's more. And if your new band wants to tour, you have a house in which you can crash. :lol:

19. frequent weaver: Um. Again, totally out of nowhere with another GREAT song. You've got that rock/power pop vocal cornered. The chorus chord progression is FUCKING ME UP which how good it is.

20. HeyHeySpaceman: Another fucking ANTHEM. This one might not have the distortion on it, but it definitely is an anthem. Has a vague feeling of a Stephin Merrit composition. Might just be the chiming clean guitars and the chorus chord progression. Love it. Perfect blissful tune to lead into the TOBE.





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